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Saga # 9 Review (Spoilers)

By Sean Tonelli

Saga Issue #9

Written By Brian K. Vaughan

Art by Fiona Staples


“Why are you tough guys so obsessed with pre-pubescent girls anyways?”

The Will is one of the best new characters in the comic medium today. I want a spin-off book, a TV show, heck, I’d even settle for some fan fiction.But what makes The Will stand out to me in a book where every character stands out? Being the hero, despite his efforts to the contrary.

Saga #9 kicks off with an intense dream sequence. In it, we see The Will rescuing the young Slave Girl from Mama Sun with the help of his former partner/lover The Stalk. It’s lovely to see these two together and makes you wish for a prequel book about these two first hooking up.But this being Saga, all good things come to an end and its heartbreaking when The Will actually wakes up. He didn’t save the girl, The Stalk is still dead, and he’s taken to moping around on an island plotting his revenge against Prince Robot IV.

His moment of self-imposed exile comes to a halt with the arrival of Gwendolyn, Marko’s big ex. Gwendolyn wants The Will to get off his ass, and fulfill his contract, which is to kill Marko and Alana. Last issue we were briefly introduced to Gwendolyn, but this issue gives us a proper introduction. Arrogant, heartbroken and extremely powerful (red lightening FTW) Gwendolyn is already turning out to be a great addition to the series. While The Will is hesitant to trust Gwendolyn at first, it’s what she offers that quickly changes his mind; the return of Slave Girl.

This issue works well, as the characters interact in a way that makes you want more. I honestly could have spent another two pages just letting The Will and Gwendolyn chirp back and forth. Vaughan also manages to give the reader some food for thought in regards to the rescue of Slave Girl. Sure, you can take the Girl out of slavery, but the psychological damage is done, is there any real chance of saving someone like that?

Fiona Staples, once again, knock’s it out of the park. In the 9 issues this book has been around, we have been given a galaxy that seems both far, far away and right at home. The character design is flawless, with each character exuding emotion through simple glances and malicious smiles. We also get to do some travelling this time around with each area we visit completely distinct from the last. Every panel of this issue could very well serve as my Facebook cover photo. My one gripe is that the characters look so good; the backgrounds can come off a little bland at times.

But at the end of the day, Saga issue #9 brought back my favourite character and gosh, did I miss him. Oh, and the cliff-hanger this time around set’s us up for an explosive tenth issue. If my ex could shoot red lightening like Gwendolyn, I’d be trying my best to avoid her as well.

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