How do I feel about DCs New 52 cancelations?

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As you've probably already heard, the axe has fallen upon DCs New 52 and six books have been cut. And although I predicted it would be the first book cut well before this debacle began, I'm still pretty upset that "OMAC" was cancelled. It ended up being a really cool homage to the really old Kirby monster stories along with the really weird Fourth World stuff he was doing in the early 70's. I think I read somewhere that OMAC's story was going to continue in Justice League International (which makes sense. It's written by Giffen's recent writing partner Dan Jurgens), I didn't really care too much about the story of Kevin Kho, although I liked the retro style monster fights. Which is kind of a shame. It seemed like they had some more characterization planned in the future. Some character background was tersely explained in the final issue.

It's a shame that these comics can't survive in today's mainstream market. It seems from what I've read that most people that understood what they were doing really loved the book. If you missed it check it out in a few months when it gets reprinted in one volume. If you need more Kirbyesque stuff check out the "American Barbarian" webcomic by "Godland" artist Tom Scioli. It's really cool. I've skimmed through it but plan on waiting for it to be released in book form next month.

In related news, "OMAC" co-writer Dan DiDio (along with Jerry Ordway on pencils) is scripting another story featuring Kirby characters. The current arc of the anthology series "DC Universe Presents" features a Challengers of the Unknown tale. I picked this up, and it's a lot of fun. I'm starting to really enjoy DiDio as a writer. Nothing incredibly groundbreaking but he's producing some really solid enjoyable comics.

One more DC recapping note. I got the DCs New 52 HC for Christmas. It's 1200 pages with every single number one issue. I'm slowly making my way through it and have to mention that it turned me on to the new "Flash" series which I was not interested in at all. The story is solid and action packed, but the artwork is amazing with some of the most creative layouts in comics. And they just re-introduced Captain Cold!

And finally on to the new titles. As sad as I am to see "OMAC" go, it looks like DC is keeping up on the quality side of things. They have some pretty top-notch creators attached. Most of these look pretty interesting, and I'll probably try all of them out. But what I'm really excited for is "Dial H" by China Mieville with Brian Bolland covers.

One odd thing is that we're only half a year into the new paradigm, and there are already a lot of creators leaving and swapping books. Sometimes for unspecified reasons. I don't know. Maybe it will keep the books fresh, but it doesn't seem like a good sign. But I guess we'll see. It's been pretty good so far.

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