Where do I start with self publishing comic books?

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It's not easy breaking into self publishing comic books. Now I'll take that notion a little further and say it's even harder as a writer to break into an industry focused on the visual arts. However, where there is a will there is a way. One of the first things you should always keep in mind when writing something is you can't stop. If it's something you're truly hungry for there should be no reason to, but I digress. The other thing to keep in mind is to be confident, and excited about your work. Especially if you plan to collaborate with other writers, or the inevitable artist, then you have to stay on top of keeping everyone pumped, and the material relevant.

Other inquires you may have; what's the best way to network with artists? Well, I find the internet is the way to go here. It doesn't hurt anyone to write an email, respond to a forum thread, or make friends on Deviantart. What's important is you just keep pushing. No matter how many emails go unanswered, no matter how many times you tweet your intentions, never surrender.

How do I stay relevant in a world desensitized and filled with dreamers? That journey you'll have to master on your own. It is important though to find your voice. Cover the topics you feel passionate about and damn the rest. It also helps finding others who support your thoughts, the personas bouncing around in your head. After all, if no one likes what's spewing out of your mouth maybe this isn't the career choice for you, but that doesn't mean you have to stop. Just don't be upset when you don't get anywhere with that whole paying the bills situation.

On top of what we have so far you'll also want to keep in mind conventions are always a good way to meet talent face to face, or even find work if you've been doing it long enough. Not to mention you'll always find people who are also self publishing comic books at a show, an inevitable facet of the industry. Printing your material may be one of the harder steps, or if you find the right service, the easiest. Do not be afraid to talk to other self starters like yourself. Who knows they may even be willing to help you out when you've hit a wall.

After building your story, your team, and getting those first one hundred books off the printer you'll want to drink it up, enjoy the high life for a bit. I just want you to keep in mind your journey is only half way there.

The next step, and this may already be in the works depending on how you funded the project, but promoting. Some stories really do promote themselves, but you got to give it a good push in the right direction. Banners for both websites, as well as the real world will always help turn some heads. Building your own website, blog, youtube channel, anything and everything to generate content and viewers is the best way to go. Friends can also be beneficial, or most likely consumed by their own lives. They'll applaud when you succeed and not care when you fail. However the course here is to never back down, never surrender. Keeping that in mind do not be afraid to harass some individuals, groups, make fliers, post cards, little figures out of soap. The sky is the limit here, though money tends to factor in, and that's where I suggest Indiegogo as a means to make that less of a burden.

Now we've covered some tips to build your team, thoughts on raising funds, promotions, ways to wear your hair up when you just feel like a mess. Honestly I found the best way to pursue my goals in this industry are to tackle them myself. It does help to find the right people who will stick by you, let you bounce thoughts about and spread the word. Just keep in mind people will forget about emails, they'll forget about facebook, or at least tell you that's the case. I can't say this enough though, never stop pushing, never loose faith in yourself, or your team. After all, if you're not interested in what you're selling...why should anyone else be?

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