What are some interesting places I can find unique comic ideas?

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Where did the greats come up with their ideas? What was it that inspired them to build the universes that we find ourselves returning to over and over again? Whether you are a budding writer looking to find a good place to start or a veteran who is simply looking for some new ideas, here are a couple of ways for you to concoct unique comic ideas.

* Tarot Cards - If you don't own a tarot card deck, there are simulators online that will pick the cards for you. After you have found one, or have taken out your own deck, flip the top three cards in front of you. Look up, whether in a guide or online, the interpretation of the cards and use them as your first character's beginning, middle, and end. What is wonderful about this method is that these three cards can span any length of time. They may be the character at the beginning of the story, in the middle, and in the last pages or as large as the beginning of their life all the way to the end. If there is questions as to how to interpret one idea versus another, simply take another card from the deck and let that be your clarification.

* Sentence Expanding - This idea is usually better for writers, but can work in any medium. Start by writing a sentence. It doesn't matter whether that sentence is simple or complex, as long as it speaks about your character or story. After that, take one word and add a descriptor to it. Perhaps 'the cat' turns into 'the angry cat'. Then rewrite the sentence again, adding another descriptor or a sentence to define a descriptor. Now, the angry cat has turned into 'Teeth bared and ready to pounce'. Continue until you have a paragraph describing your character thoroughly.

* Background Characters - An interesting thing about movies and television shows is that we almost always pay attention to the characters in the foreground. For obvious reasons, they are the ones that the camera focuses on and move the story along. In almost every form of entertainment though, there are background characters that are also doing things. It may be a woman walking across the street or a child playing with a ball, but that character is there. What is their story? Why are they doing what they are doing? Sometimes, when you are looking where you aren't supposed to, you can find the greatest of secrets.

These are just three ideas as to where you can find inspiration for new and unique comic ideas. Inspiration can strike at any time, so the best thing you can do is to keep a notebook and pen with you at all times. By becoming someone who looks at the world with the intent of story in mind, you quickly will find that there are new characters everywhere you look. Whether it is the angry man you saw on your commute into work or the blue collar worker that you overheard while picking up your groceries, always be aware that these moments have the potential to be replicated and exaggerated with a little bit of imagination.

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