What are the 5 best superhero movies ever made?

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If you love comic books and superheroes, this is a great time to be a fan.

Over the last ten years, improvements in CGI and special effects have enabled Hollywood wizards to take even the most outrageous comic book spectacles off the printed page and recreate them for the big screen. And there have certainly been a lot of comic book movies made recently. So, with all these characters flying around, which ones are really worth your time and expense? What are the best superhero movies ever made?

Tastes vary, but the following five films are worthy contenders near the top of the genre and almost certainly should be considered among the best superhero movies ever made .


Biggest, darkest and baddest Bat yet! Indelible legacy performance by the late Heath Ledger. Most electric appearance of any character on screen since Rutger Hauer in BLADE RUNNER. Incredible supporting cast, stunning action and a perfect setup for the close of director Chris Nolan’s trilogy.


Forget the sequels. This standalone first film is a revolutionary moment in the annals of superheroics. Though some consider it a Science Fiction film, its main characters are really just thinly disguised versions of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman! Not only were the film’s designs and storyboards worked on by some of the best artist working in comics, the movie features the greatest superfights ever put on film. On top of that, this dark, futuristic dystopian vision showcases some of the scariest robots and coolest lasers ever filmed.


A wonderful mix of Pixar animation, a groovy 60’s soundtrack by the great Michael Giacchino and Brad Bird’s genius create a pitch-perfect family adventure film paying homage to the classic Marvel comics of the era. The best Fantastic Four film ever made!


A great period epic successfully relaunching Fox’s moribund X–Franchise. A breakout performance by Michael Fassbender, as tortured holocaust survivor and future archetype supervillain, Magneto, drives the picture. Cool, retro, funny and exciting, this film is everything Star Wars: The Prequels should have been. Also features the best comics cameo ever.


Pound for pound, the coolest, hippest superhero film of the Top Five. Great high-tech look, career-changing performance by Robert Downey and a game-changer for Marvel. This was the lynchpin for launching Marvel Studios and all “non–Spider” and “non–X–Brands.” Did I mention the Repulsor rays?


Honorable mentions to SPIDER-MAN 2, for a great story, better effects shots than its predecessor and actually turning “Doc Ock” into a cool villain. Equally worthy of consideration is the Warner Bros. Direct-to-Video animated feature, JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRISIS ON TWO EARTHS which featured the Justice League battling their own villainous counterparts from an alternate dimension. Done at very modest budget, this film still delivers big action, great voice performances and proves beyond a doubt that Batman is the coolest superhero in any universe. Now, that’s today’s list.

So far, Paramount, Sony, Fox, Warner Bros. and Pixar have given moviegoers and comic book fans some amazing experiences, but the best is yet to come. Two films coming out for the Summer of 2012, “The Dark Knight Rises” and “The Avengers” will battle it out at the box office, each hoping to be considered among the best superhero movies ever made, and perhaps even capture the crown as the “Best Superhero Movie Ever!”

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