Are autographed comic books worth more than non-autographed comic books?

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Are autographed comic books worth more than comic books that are not autographed? The answer is yes. Now we come to the tender part of this topic: Why did Stan Lee charge me $80.00 to sign my copy of Captain America #100? Because he knows that the comic book itself really doesn't mean anything to you and that you are going to put it up for sale on E Bay for $500.00, so, therefor, he should be paid to make your cash cow worth more cash.

Gosh! Don't you remember the day when a celebrity would sign a piece of his work for free? Those were the days BEFORE COLLECTIBLES! Yes, such a time did exist. There was a time when autographed comic books were something that you put in a box under your bed and would never dare part with for no amount of money whatsoever come Heck or High Water! Then you hit your teen years and you realize: I need money if I want to buy a car. Should I get a job and buy a car that way, or should I find some sucker to pay me $500.00 for some moldy pieces of paper that some guy scribbled on? "Hmmmm", you say to yourself as you pop a piece of gum in your mouth, "should I flip burgers or should I just have ol' Captain America and that Stan guy buy a car for me?"

Captain America and that Stan guy never had a chance. With a sinister laugh you pull Captain America #100 (signed by some guy who couldn't possibly have been alive long enough ago to have had anything to do with creating Captain America) and hop on a bus to your local comic book store. Once the sheer awesomeness of having passed the portal into another realm washes off of you, you find your sucker sitting behind the counter in his aura of superiority and move in for the kill. "How much will you give me for my copy of Captain America #100.00?" $80.00. "But," you say, "I paid $80.00 to have it autographed by no one less than STAN THE MAN HIMSELF! Now how much are you willing to give me for it?" AUTOGRAPHED you say? BY STAN THE MAN LEE? Why... I'll give you $500.00 for it! SOLD! You bought your car off Craig's List.

You give that sinister laugh one more time as you wheel down that highway to puberty. BUT! Only seconds after you left the comic shop the sucker puts the Captain America #100 up on the wall (you know what wall I'm talking about) with a price tag of $1,000.00 glorious dollars. Who was the sucker that sucked the sucker?!? Adamantly upon your next trip to the comic book store you see an autographed copy of Captain America #100 for $1,000.00. You think: I have to have this back! Look how much it has gone up in value already! if I put this under my bed and refuse to sell it for Heck or High Water some day it will be worth enough to put my kid through college! So you sell your car and get a job flipping burgers to earn the remaining $500.00. The moral of this article: pay Stan Lee his $80.00... . or 100 years from now Stan will inject you with a super signature serum.

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