Is the DC New 52 just a rehash of old ideas?

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DC Comics relaunched their line of superheroes comics in September with the "DC New 52". They tossed aside years of continuity (which they had already thrown aside once before in the mid-80s with "Crisis On Infinite Earths") in favor of a "fresh" start to their heroes and universe. The launch resulted in big sales and much fanfare from the comic press and mainstream newspapers such as USA Today. But for all of the hype and branding of the relaunch as "new", "fresh" and "different", there is a certain old school feel to the proceedings. Why? Consider the names below...

Bob Harras..Rob Liefeld..Jim Lee...Tom DeFalco...Scott Lobdell...Ann Nocenti...Bobbie Chase..Howard Mackie...

What do they have in common? They were all writers, artists or editiors at Marvel Comics in the 1990s.

Here are some other names to think about when examining the "DC New 52":

O.M.A.C., Unknown Soldier, The Haunted Tank, Sgt. Rock, Blackhawk, Static Shock, Mr. Terrific, Dial H For Hero, Power Girl, Earth 2...

What do these characters have in common? They are part of the "new and fresh" approach of the "DC New 52". The only problem with that logic is all of the characters listed above have been featured in their own books at one time or another during DC's past publishing history.

How is the "DC New 52" supposed to be seen as groundbreaking, different and fresh if it is made up of recycled concepts, former starring characters and a group of creators whose "glory days" are seen as being in the past, and not the present, by current comic fans?

Good question....And one that is not easily answered.

The groundbreaking, different and fresh part is being presented by the idea that all of the current DC heroes have only been around for 5 years. While that is an interesting idea it also brings some questions to mind:

*Batman went through 3 Robins in 5 years? Really? Not exactly a gig with much job security!

*What happened to the Justice Society of America? Were there no superheroes in World War 2? Did Sgt. Rock win the war on his own?

*Barry Allen (The Flash) is no longer married to Iris? What happened to her nephew, Wally West? Was he never Kid Flash? And if Barry and Iris were never married then is the Kid Flash in the Teen Titans still Bart Allen (Barry and Iris' grandson)? How did they have a grandson if they never married and had kids?

*Why did DC think anyone would care about Hawk & Dove? Two characters that were already outdated when they introduced during the Vietnam War era. And is anyone surprised their book is one of the first to be axed to make way for the second wave of "DC New 52" books????

DC has a rich and varied stable of characters that deserve better than to be dusted off, recycled and trotted out in an example of "change for change's sake" and not for a story that grew organically out of the monthly story lines of DC's books.

But don't worry, you can still enjoy the heroes you grew up with each time you go to your local comic shop. They are waiting for you in the back issue bins.

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