What is DC Comics new 52?

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DC Comics new 52 is the relaunching of DC Comics entire comic book line up with fifty two brand new on-going series. Each of these new series will all be released as #1 issues to attract new readers, young and old, into following the stories of Superman, Batman, Wonder-Woman, and all the other characters from DC Comics.

One of the big news surrounding DC Comics New 52 is the redesigning of popular character costumes. For example, Superman no longer wears red under wear or a yellow belt, and Wonder-Woman wears pants. Some fans have argued the new changes, but relaunching all of DC Comics has garnered positive feed back. Justice League #1, which came out this past August, is on track become the best selling comics of 2011. The opportunity to write brand new stories for our favorite super heroes have made them upbeat and contemporary. However, some changes remain unpopular to current comic book readers.

DC Comics announced plans to reboot the entire DC Universe back in June, and the company worried fans when they announced Clark Kent and Lois Lane would be separating. Rumors in the comic book community began surfacing as to whether the two characters fifteen year marriage would survive by the end of the year. Fortunately, Action Comics Vol. 2 #1, retells the early stories of Superman, which answered rumors behind Clark Kent and Lois Lane's marriage. The two characters are singles once again, which means the characters could tie the knot again in the not so distant future.

Not all DC Comics will be reset in the past. The more popular titles like the Green Lantern series and Batman will remain on-going with new issue numbering. Key changes in the current continuity are Green Lantern is no longer a super hero, and Barbara Gordon returns to prowling the nights as Batgirl. Barbara Gordon's return to being a crime fighting super hero has received mixed reviews. Her character was shot in the spine by the Joker in late 1980s and became paraplegic. Since then, her character became the tech savvy Oracle who provided assistance to Batman and other heroes.

For twenty years Barbara Gordon's role as Oracle and as disabled hero has been highly praised. She has grown to be perceived as a fictional role model to the disability community, and are displeased with announcement that she will be walking again. On the flip side, many fans and writers argue it is unfair for the popular character to remain disabled. We have seen characters rise from the dead, or completely healed after a gruesome battle, yet the publishing company never found a way to help Barbara Gordon walk again.

DC Comics new 52 stories are here to stay. Most fans have accepted the new changes and will continue reading, while very few readers remain displeased with the company's move. Despite the creative criticism, DC Comics new 52 strives as a commercial success.

If you are interested in reading DC Comics or any other comics, then stop by a local comic store or book store. New comics are released every Wednesday.

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